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22 Aug


Happy Wednesday Everyone!!

I’m posting my trip a tad late due to our busy day of house hunting

Our lease is up next month and we still haven’t found “the” house

Went looking in Peoria and Litchfield but nothing yet 😦

Hopefully this weekend we’ll find what we’re looking for

TOTAL OOP: $27.68 + Got a $2 ONYO (KRAFT)



2 lb nectarines – no q, pm El Super (3 lb/99¢)

3.5 lb bananas – no q, pm El Super (4 lb/99¢)

8 cucumbers – no q, pm Food City (8/99¢)

1 lb Earthbound organic carrots – .75/1 EB Farms q, 23¢ Walmart

3 cantaloupes – no q, pm Sprouts (3 for $1)

2 lb organic green grapes – no q, $1.50/lb (sprouts)

organic bell peppers pack – no q, $2.99 (sprouts)

1.5 lb organic pluots – no q, 99¢/lb (sprouts)

Vans mini waffles – $1/1 van’s product ($1 sprouts)

2 boxes Duncan Hines brownie mix – .35/1 DH product (44¢ ea Fry’s)

1 box Hefty freezer bags – .55/1 Hefty IP (Free Fry’s)

1 bag Pillsbury Egg Scrambles – .50/1 Pillsbury Egg + 55¢ Pillsbury Egg Savingstar eq (6¢ MM Fry’s)

Oscar Meyer Deli fresh – FREE coupon (fb offer)

2 Kraft singles – $1/1 Kraft singles IP + $2 ONYO for purchasing 3 Kraft items = 79¢ ea (Fry’s)

Bisquick shake n pour – .50/1 Bisquick + 50¢ Bisquick Savingstar eq (69¢ Fry’s)

2 Betty Crocker frostings – .75/2 Betty Crocker + .75/2 Betty Crocker Savingstar eq (44¢ ea Fry’s)

3 (40 ct) bags Totinos pizza rolls – .35/1 Totinos (la voz) + .75/3 Totinos Savingstar eq (74¢ ea Fry’s)

1 dozen large fry’s eggs – Free eggs coupon (fry’s mailer)

2 jars Skippy Natural pb – .35/1 Skippy natural pb ($1.15 ea Fry’s)

2 (2 ct) packs GUM toothbrushes – .55/1 GUM product (Free Fry’s)

1 (10 oz) bottle Ultra Palmolive – .25/1 Ultra Palmolive (Free Fry’s)

2 boxes Annie’s organic mac n cheese – .50/1 Annies product peelie (Free Fry’s + Free lunch sack)

1 loaf Nature’s own bread – no q, $2 Fry’s

Cutex nail polish remover – .50/1 Cutex IP (79¢ Fry’s)

9 packs Poise liners – Free Poise peelies attached (Fry’s)

Star Wars pods toy – no q, clearance 10¢ Fry’s

$1.50/$7.50 Frozen food purchase coupon – Fry’s mailer

Tomorrow I’ll be posting my Fry’s finds of the week 🙂

Goodnight Everyone!!


14 Aug


I will definitely be looking out for this tomorrow!

weusecoupons.com is reporting that Bisquick Shake ‘N Pour (10.6 oz) is currently part of the Buy 10, Save $5 Mega event @ Kroger for only $1.75

IF Fry’s follows their lead, then we could get it for 75¢ starting tomorrow by using the following printable coupon:

.50/1 20 OZ. OR LARGER Original Bisquick® OR Bisquick Heart Smart® Baking Mix, OR 10.6 OZ. Bisquick® Shake ’n Pour Pancake Mix

I don’t usually post deals up w/o confirming first, but I just wanted to give you guys a heads up in case this coupon doesn’t stick around much longer!

I will be heading to Fry’s tomorrow to confirm 🙂

*Update on the Bisquick Shake N Pour price

Fry’s mega price is $2.19 wyb 10 participating items,

$1.19 with coupon BUT if you loaded the 50¢ Savingstar e-coupon (no longer available):

 69¢ for the first item (Savingstar e-coupons are one time use only)

Thanks WUC!

Photo Credit: WUC


13 Aug

Head here to print this $1 off any Mott’s juice or sauce coupon because starting Wednesday, Fry’s will be having a “Buy 10, Save $5” Mega Sale

It looks like Mott’s juice (64 oz) will be $1.79 wyb 10 participating items

Use the $1/1 any Mott’s juice or sauce coupon

Pay 79¢

This is a great stock up price!

Just wanted to give you guys a heads up so that you can print this coupon now, in case it doesn’t stick around much longer

Note: In order to print this coupon you must first register (fill out the form), then it will give you the option to print HTH


12 Aug

Head here to print this $1 off any Mott’s juice or sauce coupon because starting Wednesday, Fry’s will be having a “Buy 10, Save $5” Mega Sale

If Fry’s follows Kroger’s lead (their mega started today), then Mott’s juice (64 oz) will be $1.79 wyb 10 participating items

Use the $1/1 any Mott’s juice or sauce coupon

Pay 79¢

This is a great stock up price!

Just wanted to give you guys a heads up so that you can print this coupon now, in case it doesn’t stick around much longer

Head here if you’d like to see Kroger’s ad (Fry’s affiliate) so that you can kind of get an idea of what items may be in the Fry’s Mega Event

Please keep in mind that Fry’s prices/items may vary from those in the Kroger ad

LAST DAY OF FRY’S MEGA + 89¢ Quaker Stila Bars/Bits with NEW $1/2 Quaker Coupon

24 Jul

Today is the last day of the mega, Buy 10 get $5 off, at Fry’s

If you still have one more trip to make today, you might be interested in this deal

Today we got a new printable coupon for $1/2 quaker products here

If you weren’t able to find 50¢ peelies on boxes of Quaker Stila bars or Bits

you can use this new $1/2 coupon to get each box for 89¢ wyb 2

Still a pretty good price 🙂

Please keep in mind that today is the last day for the mega @ Fry’s

*FRY’S* A few more finds…39¢ Stila Bars, 49¢ Satin Care, 75¢ Turkey Hill…

20 Jul


Today while picking up a rotisserie chicken at Fry’s (too tired to make dinner), I happened to spot a few more items that you may want to add to your Fry’s list!!

(sorry no pic, gillette pic HERE)

Satin Care shave cream $1.49 wyb 10

.55/1 gillette series or satin care (7/22 RP)


(both gillette & satin care are part of the mega)

Turkey Hill 1/2 gallons 4/$5

$1/2 Turkey Hill 1/2 gallons or larger (7/22 RP)

75¢ ea wyb 2

Quaker Stila Cookie bars & Oat Cluster Bits $1.39 ea wyb 10

Every single box had 50¢/1 peelies @ my local Fry’s


Quaker Crunchy Oat or Soft Baked Cookies $1.99 ea wyb 10

Every box had either 50¢/1 or $1/1 peelies on it


Trop50 with Tea $2.89 wyb 10

$1/1 bottle Trop50 with Tea Fry’s e-coupon HERE


Don’t forget to print the 50¢/1 suave body wash coupon HERE (only 29¢ after coupon)


There will be a .55/1 Pepsi Next coupon in the *Pepsi Insert this Sunday which means FREE Pepsi Next since Pepsi products are part of the mega @ 99¢ each wyb 10

Please keep an eye on the register with this coupon! The last time we got this Pepsi coupon a lot of people stated that it was NOT auto doubling @ Fry’s

You may need to ask the cashier to manually do so (Fry’s Coupon Policy states they double ALL mq up to $1 or the price of the item, even DND manufacturer coupons)

There will also be a $1/2 Crush 2 liters coupon in there as well

49¢ ea wyb 2 Crush 2 liters (also part of mega @ 99¢ ea wyb 10)

I will be doing one more mega trip this Sunday for sure!!

*Pepsi insert may be regional


18 Jul

TOTAL OOP: $18.77

Hope everyone is having a GREAT Wednesday!!!

Today I made 2 stops: Fry’s & Walmart

I wasn’t planning on going to Fry’s because I really don’t need to buy much this week

but the Suave body wash coupons reset for me and I forgot to get cream cheese last week…

I found a ton of cheese and cheese spreads on manager’s special at my local fry’s 🙂

President Feta cheese $2.49 only 49¢ with the Fry’s e-coupon

Alouette Spinach Artichoke dip $1.99 only 99¢ after $1/1 alouette coupon 3/18 SS

and Wholly guacamole on closeout for $1.44!!

Only 44¢ with this past weekend’s $1/1 coupon

Hopefully the guacamole is closeout price at your local Fry’s as well 🙂

I will be posting a few finds from Fry’s later on tonight!


2.5 lb bananas – no q pm food city

8 cucumbers – no q pm food city

4 lg tomatoes – no q pm food city

1 pk z grip pens (5 ct) – $2/1 zebra pens (all you IP) pm staples $1 overage

3 jars Planter’s peanut butter – $1/1 any Planter’s product (pm Albies 99¢ ea)

2 half gallons kroger oj – 60¢/2 fry’s mailer q ($1.37 ea fry’s)

3 zone bars – .55/1 zone (closeout @ fry’s so FREE after q)

1 bottle Vfusion+tea – .50/1 vfusion+tea (79¢ fry’s)

2 bottles suave body wash – .75/1 suave bw IP (29¢ ea fry’s)

2 scotch tape -.50/1 scotch IP (79¢ ea fry’s)

1 loaf orowheat bread – .60/1 orowheat fry’s mailer q ($1.90 fry’s)

2 naked coconut waters – $1/1 naked coconut IP (Free, 1¢ overage @ 99¢ ea now, fry’s)

3 cream cheese – no q (99¢ ea fry’s)

President feta tomato basil cheese – $2/1 fry’s e-coupon (49¢ fry’s )

Alouette spinach artichoke dip – $1/1 alouette (99¢ fry’s)

2 kraft bbq sauce – .50/1 kraft bbq (free @ fry’s, NOT part of the mega)

4 wholly guacamoles (spicy) – $1/1 wholly guac (44¢ ea fry’s)

The wholly guacamole coupons state 1 coupon per transaction so you may have to do multiple transactions if you buy more than 1…my cashier already knows me so I only had to do 1 transaction…thankfully!!



11 Jul

TOTAL OOP: $27.14

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Wednesday!!

Today I did a quick 3 Stop Shop @ Fry’s, Fresh & Easy and Walmart

I was super excited to receive a Fresh & Easy $4 off $20 purchase coupon via email

I used it to purchase the chicken and ground beef

Today was the first day of the mega event (Buy $10 participating items, get $5 off )

I really didn’t see anything too exciting but the suave is $1.29 so 29¢ after coupon


the soft pack of huggies wipes are 49¢ ea after coupon

While perusing the natural foods aisle, happened to notice that zevia 6 packs are 2 for $7

That makes them only 50¢ each with the $3/1 zevia coupon

Wish I had some more of those coupons hehe

I’ll be posting a few more finds later & tomorrow but there really wasn’t much to get excited over 😦


3 packs of huggies wipes – .50/1 huggies (49¢ ea fry’s)

3 daisy cottage cheese – .50/1 daisy (99¢ ea fry’s)

2 estracell sponge packs – $1/2 estracell (59¢ ea fry’s)

2 suave body washes – .75/1 suave IP (29¢ ea fry’s)

2 gallons milk – $1.50 ea fry’s (w/$25 min)

2 teddy grahams – $1.50/2 teddy g IP (.25 ea fry’s)

1 airwick flip n fresh – .75/1 airwick fry’s mailer (49¢ fry’s)

tombstone pizza – FREE tombstone pizza (fry’s mailer)

1 lb bag kroger baby carrots – FREE kroger carrots (fry’s mailer)

15 oz box post pebbles cereal – FREE post pebbles fry’s ecoupon

1 pack folgers singles – $1/1 folgers IP (free walmart)

2 bags chicken alfredo birdseye voila – $3/1 be voila IP (26¢ ea walmart)

4 powerades – $1/2 powerades TP (FREE @ walmart after PM Pros)

1 lb broccolli – 2 lb/99¢ (pm el super)

2 lb bananas – 4 lb/$1 pm food city

6 lb boneless skinless chicken + 4 lb 80/20 ground beef – $20.02

minus $4/$20 F & E IP ($16.02 for beef & chicken)



10 Jul

                                                                                   Photo Credit: WUC

According to weusecoupons.com, Suave body wash is part of the Buy 10 save $5 Mega event going on at Kroger this week

Print the 75¢ off 1 coupon on coupons.com  to get it for only 29¢

Please keep in mind you must buy 10 participating items (mix & match)


Hopefully it’ll be the same price at Fry’s (kroger affiliate) starting tomorrow 7/11

Thx WUC!!!

FRY’S MEGA round 2

18 Mar

TOTAL OOP: $3.42



I was not expecting the country crock ONYO so it was a welcome surprise!!

Maybe a new catalina??

Either way it was a good trip because all the shelves were fully stocked, I was able to grab some got2b products and this put me at 100 fuel points for 10¢ off gas…hey every little bit helps right??

Especially with these crazy gas prices!!!


2 tubs country crock butter – $1.00/1 cc

3 smart balance milks – $1.50/1 smart balance

4 got 2 b – $3/1 got2b

3 kens dressing (9oz) – $1/1 ken’s dressing

1 clorox bleach – .25/1 clorox

2 french’s mustard – .30/1 french’s

(2) 22 oz bottles suave shampoo – .50/1 suave printable