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8 Aug

I just got back from Safeway and it looks like

Oceanspray fruit snacks and Mott’s fruit snacks are also included in the Buy 4, Save $4 deal @ 99¢ each

Here’s the Scenario to grab 4 boxes FREE:

Purchase (1) box of Mott’s fruit snacks + 3 boxes of either oceanspray/mott’s/sunkist fruit snacks

-Use (3)  .50/1 oceanspray/motts/sunkist coupons (7/8 SS)

-Use (1) .60/1 mott’s fruit snacks coupon here

Pay $0.00

Scenario #2

Purchase: (2) boxes fruit roll ups

(2) boxes Mott’s fruit snacks

-Use (2) .60/1 Mott’s fruit snacks coupon here

-Use .50/2 Fruit roll ups/gushers/oceanspray…coupon (6/24 SS) or here

Pay 98¢ or 25¢ each


The scenarios are endless! But no matter what the combinations are you will most definitely be paying very little money on these products this week!!

What a great time to stock up on snacks for your kiddo’s school lunches!

I did scenario #2 since my girls ♥ fruit roll ups

I will have pics & more unadvertised items up in a bit…have to make lunch  first  :/

FYI, I had posted scenarios earlier using Savinstar e-coupons but as it turns out, I was completely confusing Upromise e-coupons with Savinstar e-coupons 😦 Safeway doesn’t participate in Savingstar e-coupons (Thanks Leah G. for bringing that to my attention!)

Still a very good price…FREE & 25¢ hehe