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13 Aug

Head here  on Facebook to enter Pantene’s 1,000,000 Fans giveaway for the opportunity to win a year’s supply of Pantene

There is a winner every 10,000 seconds

You can enter 100 times (once every 10,00 seconds until timer runs out)

Don’t delay!

Thanks hunt4freebies!

*CVS* $1 PANTENE (8/5 – 8/11)

31 Jul

Beginning 8/5, CVS has a BOGO FREE deal going on with select Pantene products:

Purchase one (12.6 oz) bottle of Pantene shampoo or conditioner


Get one FREE Pantene styler (5.7 -11.5 oz)


Purchase 1 bottle of Pantene shampoo/conditioner 12.6 oz ($4.99 online)

Get one free pantene styler

Use $3/2 pantene coupon (7/29 P & G)

Pay $1.99 for 2 Pantene products

According to CVS’ coupon policy, you can use a coupon on a free product



31 Jul

Yesterday I stopped by at CVS to do a little shopping with some great CRT coupons I got from the red machine last week

When I scanned my CVS card again, I got 2 more great coupons:

  • $3 off $15 purchase of olay, pantene, tide, gillette…
  • $3 off any Revlon cosmetic

I found quite a few Revlon lipsticks & foundations at 75% off ($2.37 & $3.49) and Pantene shampoo, hairspray, mousse and gel on clearance for $2.49 – $2.74

If you happen to get the above CRT coupons, make sure to check your store for clearance Revlon and Pantene…great deal when you combine with the $3/2 pantene and $1/1 Revlon manufacturer coupon (7/29 P & G and 7/22 SS)


3 clean & clear products (BOGO 50% off) – $1.50/1 c & c (7/29 RP) + $6/3 c & c cvs coupon

6 pantene hair products  ($2.49 -$2.64 ea) – $3/2 pantene (7/29 P & G + $3/$15 cvs coupon

1 cvs baby body wash ($3.29) – $3/1 cvs body wash coupon

1 cvs acne product ($3.29) – $3/1 cvs acne product coupon

1 revlon foundation ($3.49) – $3/1 revlon cosmetic (cvs coupon)

$3 off any $15 beauty purchase (cvs coupon)

TOTAL OOP: $5.92 + got back $5 ECB for reaching $50 in beauty purchases (beauty club)

Hope you get some of these awesome CRT coupons as well!!!!

CVS TRIP Clearance Pantene & Cheap vitamins…

8 Jul


I stopped by CVS yesterday to pick up a few things since sales activate after 5 pm on Saturday @ my local CVS store

I found Pantene shampoo, gel and hairspray as low as $2.49

Great price when you buy 2 and pair it with the $3/2 pantene coupon (6/24/12 SS)

Hopefully you’ll find these clearance prices at your store as well 🙂

Select vitamins are buy one get one free (in this week’s CVS ad)

The coupon center (red machine) is dispensing $2 off nature made vitamins coupons as well as $3 off any vitamins coupon. You may be one of the lucky people who gets one or both of these coupons. It makes for some FREE or cheap vitamins when paired with nature made manufacturer coupons and the current CVS BOGO sale


Trans #1:

(5) garnier items ($2.99 ea): $14.95

(1) sally hansen nail polish ($1.69, 75% clearance): $1.69

(1) caramel (used as filler): 33¢

Used: $3 off $15 beauty purchase (CVS FB coupon)

(5) $1/1 garnier style item

(1) $1/1 sally hansen polish IP

$8 ECB (from Nivea tin deal)

TOTAL: $1.11 got back $5 ecb for garnier

Trans #2:

(3) pantene gels ($2.79 ea): $8.37

(2) pantene shampoo ($2.49 ea): $4.98

(1) pantene hairspray ($2.49): $2.49

(2) 60 ct bottles CVS women’s multi-vitamins ($5.79 BOGO): $5.79

Used: $4/$20 cvs coupon (emailed)

(3) $3/2 pantene

$3 off any vitamins cvs q (red machine)

$5 ECB (garnier)

TOTAL: $2.28


got back $5 ECB for reaching $50 in beauty purchases (beauty club)



1 Jul

Last night I posted a very blurry & out of focus pic from my phone of a great coupon I received @ CVS when I stopped by just to scan my card

I hadn’t planned on shopping, so I tucked away this FREE cortaid coupon for today’s trip

When I got there, I realized that I should have just grabbed the cortaid last night 😦 The shelves were completely wiped out

On the bright side, the nivea tins were still in stock

Both the blue & white tins

I wasn’t sure if the white tins were also producing the $2 ECB wyb (1) but I decided to try it out



The quarterly ECBs are also printing as of today, so make sure to scan your CVS card!

I did 2 transactions

TRANS #1: (2) pantene mousse ($3.25 & $2.64 clearance) – $2/1 shampoo/cond/style cvs q – $1/1 pantene/crest/oral b…cvs q – $3/2 pantene products mq

(1) garnier style putty ($2.39 clearance) – $1/1 garnier cvs q – $1/1 garnier mq

TOTAL: $1.05

TRANS #2: (4) nivea tins (99¢ ea) – .50 ECB (quarterly) – 30% off emailed cvs q

TOTAL: $2.65

TOTAL OOP: $3.70 & got back $8 ECB

for purchasing (4) nivea tins



Target Trip Revlon Deal + More…

25 Jun

Before heading out to Target today to purchase a few boxes of chocolate pudding for one of our Summer activities:

I stopped by to get my mail and I was so happy to see that the Target beauty bag had arrived

Inside was a little booklet full of Target coupons for beauty items…my favorite was the $3/1 revlon item coupon

I tore it out and headed on out to Target

I was excited to find that Revlon nail polish was $4.54…Yeah I know, WHAT?!?!?

That’s super pricey!!! (well to me it is hehe)

But when you combine the $3/1  revlon target q from the beauty bag booklet with the $1/1 revlon nail product mq from this past Sunday’s Smart Source insert…

ONLY 54¢ for nail polish!!!

That’s 88% off the original price 🙂

Another awesome deal was the Pantene shampoo/conditioner

ONLY 84¢ ea after the $1/1 pantene target q (6/24 SS) + $3/2 pantene mq (6/24 SS)


if you’re not a Walmart shopper, heinz vinegar is also $1 @ Target

which means FREE with the $1/1 heinz vinegar q (6/24 SS)

TOTAL OOP: $6.75



(4) boxes jell-o pudding (.99 ea) – B3G1 FREE target IP

Revlon nail polish ($4.54) – $3/1 revlon target q + $1/1 revlon nail mq

N.Y.C nail polish (.94) – .50/1 n.y.c target IP

(2) pantene ($3.34 ea) – $3/2 pantene mq + (2) $1/1 pantene target q

(3) bottles heinz vinegar ($1 ea) – $1/1 heinz vinegar


Can’t wait for Wednesday’s trip…A fry’s Mega!


25 Jun

TOTAL OOP: $5.73

Some great coupons printed out for me at the Coupon Center. Including the $2/1 shampoo & $1/1 pantene, covergirl, oral b…Hopefully these will print out for you as well!!


(3) revlon foundations (75% off): $3.49 ea – $3/$10 cosmetics cvs q – $2/1 revlon face prod

1 mitchum deo ($1.99) – $1/1 mitchum – $1/1 mitchum cvs q

1 fruitopia conditioner ($1.74) – $2/1 shampoo/conditioner cvs

2 pantene shampoos (2/$6.97) – $3/2 pantene mq – $2/1 shampoo/cond cvs q – $1/1 pantene cvs q

1 garnier flat iron heat protectant ($3.33) – $1/1 garnier mq – $1/1 garnier cvs q

I had no ECBs to roll this time, but with all these great CRT coupons I just couldn’t pass up these deals 😉


Out on the town for $7

4 Jan

Hubby heads off to work super early in the morning, 3:45 am to be exact 😦 At around 8: 45 am I hear someone opening my front door…scary!

In walks hubby…phew! I guess someone at his job made an oopsy at work (broke safety protocols) and everyone got sent home for the day. So he got to play hooky for the day and we headed out for a day of shopping at almost every store imaginable lol

First stop, Walmart

Purchased: 6 nivea lip care, 4 up2u gum pks, 2 cans muir glen tomato sauce, 2 boxes ziploc bags

Coupons used: 85¢/1 muir glen, $3/2 nivea, $1/1 up2u and $1/2 ziploc

TOTAL OOP: $1.02

2nd stop, Fry’s

Purchased: 1 tide 50 oz, 18ct pk tide stain release, 3 speed stick deos, 2 old spice deos, 2 febreze set n refresh, 2 covergirl eyeshadows

Coupons used: $2/1 tide, $2/1 tide stain release, 75¢/1 speed stick, $1/2 old spice, $1/1 febreze eq & mailed q, $2.50/2 covergirl


$4 off purchase fry’s ecoupon

TOTAL OOP: $6.10

3rd stop, CVS

Purchased: 3 pantene shampoo/conditioner (clearance @ $1.57 ea)

Coupons used: $3/2 pantene & $1/1 pantene (pampers booklet)

TOTAL OOP: $1.15 (paid with CVS gc I got here last week)

I was super excited when the cashier handed me my receipt with $6 ECB on it!!

I guess the clearance pantene is also generating the ecbs wyb 3

I received a $5 ecb for taking a survey sent by CVS on Monday so I decided to roll the $5 & $6 ECB to purchase:

2 oral b battery toothbrushes, 4 nivea, 1 coffeemate powder creamer & 2 snickers chocolates

Coupons used: $3/1 oral b, $3/2 nivea, free coffeemate q & $11 ECB

TOTAL OOP: $2.10 (paid with CVS gc again)

Got back $9 ECBs & have a remaining balance of $6.75 on my CVS gc

Can’t wait to roll these ECBs & balance next week 🙂

4th stop, Bashas

I don’t shop at Bashas because it’s too far from my home. I don’t even receive an ad for it in my mail…that’s how far it is


I received a $25 gc for my bday and decided to head on over there since we were already out and about on our frugal shopping spree ;0

O-M-G was I disappointed 0_O

Just about everything I was interested in purchasing was waaaaayyyyy too expensive for my liking

Just an example: ziploc bags 20 ct $4.XX

GEEZ they were in the $2.XX range at wally’s!!

8 pk bounty paper towels: $10.XX

Currently $5.99 @ Fry’s

So I went the store brand route and purchased: 12 pk toilet paper, 8 pk paper towels, 75 sq ft aluminum foil, measuring cups (kiddos use them to play with so I needed a new set as I can only find 1 now) & 2 colgate toothpastes

Coupons used: 75¢/1 colgate (free with q because they’re currently $1)

TOTAL: $20.XX (paid with bashas gc)

Highly doubt I’ll be going back to use that remaining balance 😦

Last & final store, target

Once again I was really disappointed with target

Their shelves were wiped clean of all the Xmas stuff and their toy clearance wasn’t really impressive either

I did manage to get a free box of market pantry mac n cheese! LOL

Also, if you’re looking for squinkies, there were a ton on clearance. The 6 pks were $3.XX and the 4 pks of CARS 2 squinkies with ramp were $1.50…Not a bad price if you’re looking for Easter basket fillers 😉

After leaving target we noticed a Starbucks right next door so we headed on over to use the 2 $10 gc my sis gave me for Xmas…that cheered us back up!!!

At the end of the day, I spent $7.12 OOP and had a blast playing hooky with hubby 🙂