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31 Aug


A few weeks ago I mentioned all the neat freebies you could get by signing up on certain websites

Well it looks like all that signing up really paid off for me this month!

 September will be an awesome month filled with parties for my family & friends 🙂

Last week I was emailed by Nestle El Mejor Nido, to inform me that I had been selected to get the birthday party pack for September, WOOT WOOT!!

The party pack includes $150 worth of nestle products:

Last week I also received my party pack from Nestle’s Coffeemate. The theme of the party will revolve around Fall so it’s officially called, “FALL FOR COFFEEMATE”

Although it hardly feels like it’s going to be Fall here in AZ 😦

Also as I’ve mentioned before, my TRASH CANCER Party from partique will be September 17th and I can’t wait to see what is included in that party pack 🙂

And my Kashi pack from Mom Ambassador should be arriving this week…just in time for Labor Day weekend

So as you can see, September will be a busy but FUN month of congregating with family & friends AND eating some yummy food…I CAN’T WAIT!!!!

If you haven’t signed up for these sites, I highly suggest you do!


15 Aug

This past week I was sent an email that I had been chosen to host the Trash Cancer Party through partique.com

What is a partique?

Per their website: A Partique is an event held on one day in hundreds of homes with thousands of guests for the purpose of celebrating a single passion. A Partique might be about baseball, literature, cooking or comedy; anything you care about. Just sign up for a Partique event that reflects “who” you are, create a profile, and you and your friends could soon be celebrating the things that mean the most to you…

Trash Cancer is a movement where hosts and thousands of their guests will get together on Saturday, September 17th to Trash Cancer by learning ways to eliminate toxins from their homes so they can lead healthier lives…I can’t wait to share this event with friends and family!

If you’re interested in learning more about partique.com or getting more information about the Trash Cancer movement & eliminating toxins from your home, please visit partique.com