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FREE ATKINS KIT *still available*

6 Jul

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Thx hunt4freebies


6 Mar

On my last “Produce Wednesday” trip I mentioned I was using some of the veggies for my pozole and that I’d be posting pics soon…

Well here they are!

Sorry for the bad pic quality, they were taken on my cell phone so they’re kinda dark


  • beef stew meat (I used leftover tamale meat I had frozen in my chest freezer)
  • 1 lb pinto beans
  • hominy
  • 1/2 onion
  • 2 garlic cloves
  • salt to taste
  • water
  • toppings: cabbage, radishes, lime/lemon and crushed red pepper (optional)

I know there are a ton of pozole recipes out there. Some are made with chicken/pork and others are made with red or green chile. My mom makes it with beef, beans and hominy so this is how I make it…very yummy 🙂

Ooooh & I forgot to mention, we eat this pozole with tostadas (fried corn tortilla) topped with sour cream & salt…super yummy!

PREVIEW >>Pumpkin & Ground beef/Potato Empanada Recipe

21 Nov

Here’s a sneek peek @ pics of my homemade pumpkin empanadas & also my ground beef & potato empanadas…dinner & dessert! YUMMO!!!!

I will post the recipe for both tomorrow morning…kinda tired from being in the kitchen all day LOL


Ground beef & Potato with toppings 🙂


2 Sep


In honor of Labor Day weekend this edition of Cooking is Dandy with Sandy will revolve around easy to make BBQ type foods/snacks

Today’s recipe: NACHOS!!!

No, not the melted cheese and tortilla chip nachos. This is more of a 7 layer nachos recipe 🙂

Servings: 6-8


2 bags of corn tortilla chips (10-12 oz bags)

2 pounds ground beef

1 pound pinto beans (or you can use canned refried beans~ 2 cans)

4 avacados (or you can use premade guacamole, wholly guac is pretty good)

4 roma or 2 large tomatoes

1 pound colby jack or chedder cheese

1 jar/can of jalapeno nacho slices

3 tsp salt

1/2 tsp pepper

16 oz sour cream (if making guacamole from scratch)

1 tsp garlic salt

1 tsp onion powder

1/4 cup vegetable oil (if making refried beans from scratch)




Blender/food processor


cheese grater

stew pot with lid



cutting board

colander (if making refried beans from scratch)

sauce pan

bean masher (if making refried beans from scratch)


  1. Season ground beef with 1 tsp salt & pepper
  2. Turn stove on to medium heat
  3. Place pan on stove and add ground beef
  4. Cook ground beef for 10 min or until completely brown
  5. Turn stove off & set pan aside
  6. Skip steps 7-20 if you are using canned refried beans and follow heating directions on can
  7. Clean your pinto beans (remove debris that may be in the beans)
  8. Place beans in colander and rinse in water
  9. Add beans and 2 tsp salt into stew pot
  10. Add enough water to your pot to completely submerge beans
  11. Turn stove on to medium high heat and place pot on stove
  12. Cover pot with lid
  13. Allow beans to cook for 2 hours. If boiling over, reduce heat & check your beans continuously. If the water is running low, add hot water to your beans to completely submerge beans once again (otherwise you’ll have burnt dried out beans!)
  14. You’ll know your beans are fully cooked when they are soft (~2 hours)
  15. Set aside and place sauce pan on stove
  16. Add 1/4 cup of vegetable oil to your pan and allow to warm up
  17. With a large spoon add pinto beans with their water into the pan (WARNING: oil will most likely jump up due to the water in the beans so back away when doing this to prevent burning yourself with hot oil)
  18. If your beans don’t have a lot of water left in them, you may add 1/2 cup hot water to prevent beans from coming out too dry. Add 1 tsp salt as well.
  19. Mash beans with masher until they are an almost liquid consistancy
  20. Allow beans to boil, then turn off stove and set aside
  21. Skip steps 22- 25 if you are using premade guacamole like wholly guacamole
  22. Dice your avacados in half and core
  23. With a spoon, scoop the avacado out and place in your blender or food processor
  24. Add your sour cream, garlic salt, onion powder and salt to the avacado and mix together
  25. Turn on blender/processor and blend until all ingredients are completely mixed together
  26. Pour your guacamole into a bowl
  27. Shred the cheese if not preshredded
  28. Wash & dice your tomatoes into small pieces
  29. Open your bags of chips and place ~ 2 handfuls of chips into a bowl
  30. Add 1/4 cup or 1 large spoonful of beans over your chips
  31. Then add 1/4 cup or 1 large spoonful of ground beef over the beans
  32. Add your guacamole next (2 tsp)
  33. Add 2 tsp of diced tomatoes
  34. Lastly, sprinkle ~ 2 tsp shredded cheese
  35. Add jalapeno slices (optional) My kiddos obviously won’t be getting any of these on their nachos 😉


Makes a great alternative to just plain chips and liquid cheese—NOT that those aren’t yummy too 😉

Stay tuned…I might post more Labor Day goodies since the weekend will be long and full of yummy food!!!

Disclaimer: Only adults should be making this recipe as it involves handling/using a knife, stove and hot food. I am NOT responsible for injury, illness or death as a result of consuming or preparing this recipe…Sorry, but I have to throw this in here since now a days everything seems to need a disclaimer.