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12 Jul

While checking the price of the wiggly pig pee wee pet at CVS today (BTW it scanned for $4.99 & the zebra scanned the same as well), I noticed quite a few oral rinse items on clearance

Most are FREE and would help you to reach $20 in purchases to use that $4/$20 cvs coupon printing from the red machine starting 7/15

Rembrandt mouth rinse $1.97

use this $2/1 rembrandt rinse printable coupon here  to get it FREE!!!

GUM Perioshield rinse $2.62

Use this $5/1 GUM perioshield IP here to get it beyond FREE!!!

ACT Sensitive mouthwash $1.44

Use this $1/1 act sensitive mouthwash IP here to get it for 44¢

Please keep in mind that clearance prices can vary from store to store


CVS —rolling over your cash card and ECBs

8 Jan

This past week I did a CVS deal that yielded me $9 ECB and a leftover cash card balance

I was really excited to see All detergent as part of this week’s cash card deal so I thought it’d be a good time to roll those ecbs and cash card balance for a sweet deal on All

I was even more excited when I saw sheryl over at thecentsableshoppin.com post a great find on All oxiactive for $1 after the $1/1 q

Unfortunately I’ve been sick as a dog since Friday morning (daughter’s been sick since last weekend & of course I caught it) and I wasn’t about to go out in this nippy weather to make it 10X worse 😦

So even though I really wanted to put on my slippers & throw my hair up in a bun and head on out to see if my CVS carried this detergent, I decided not to and fell asleep semi-early so that I could do my scenario in the morning…if I felt better 🙂

Well I woke up feeling somewhat better (my body wasn’t aching now) and headed on out to CVS

I was glad to see that my CVS did indeed have a spot for the $1 All detergent, but unfortunately the shelf was completely empty…Oh well 😦

There’s always another good deal around the corner right??

So I did the following scenario (which had to be improvised since there were only 4 rembrandt items left on the shelf):

(2) rembrandt toothpastes $3.99×2

(2) rembrandt mouth rinse $3.99×2

(3) All liquid detergent $4×3

(1) coke 12 pk $3.34

Total: $31.30+ tax

Coupons used: (2) $5/2 rembrandt printables

(3) $1/1 All detergent

(1) free coke 12 pk (mycokerewards)

$9 ECB & $1 ECB (green bag tag)

Total: $7.63 and used my leftover cash card balance from this past week to pay a whopping

72¢ OOP and got back a $10 cash card to use on my next CVS trip!!!

Gotta LOVE CVS!!

Sadly, I don’t see a lot in the next two week’s CVS ads so I think I’ll hold off on the CVS trips for the next couple of weeks unless there’s some sweet unadvertised finds 🙂