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22 Aug


Happy Wednesday Everyone!!

I’m posting my trip a tad late due to our busy day of house hunting

Our lease is up next month and we still haven’t found “the” house

Went looking in Peoria and Litchfield but nothing yet 😦

Hopefully this weekend we’ll find what we’re looking for

TOTAL OOP: $27.68 + Got a $2 ONYO (KRAFT)



2 lb nectarines – no q, pm El Super (3 lb/99¢)

3.5 lb bananas – no q, pm El Super (4 lb/99¢)

8 cucumbers – no q, pm Food City (8/99¢)

1 lb Earthbound organic carrots – .75/1 EB Farms q, 23¢ Walmart

3 cantaloupes – no q, pm Sprouts (3 for $1)

2 lb organic green grapes – no q, $1.50/lb (sprouts)

organic bell peppers pack – no q, $2.99 (sprouts)

1.5 lb organic pluots – no q, 99¢/lb (sprouts)

Vans mini waffles – $1/1 van’s product ($1 sprouts)

2 boxes Duncan Hines brownie mix – .35/1 DH product (44¢ ea Fry’s)

1 box Hefty freezer bags – .55/1 Hefty IP (Free Fry’s)

1 bag Pillsbury Egg Scrambles – .50/1 Pillsbury Egg + 55¢ Pillsbury Egg Savingstar eq (6¢ MM Fry’s)

Oscar Meyer Deli fresh – FREE coupon (fb offer)

2 Kraft singles – $1/1 Kraft singles IP + $2 ONYO for purchasing 3 Kraft items = 79¢ ea (Fry’s)

Bisquick shake n pour – .50/1 Bisquick + 50¢ Bisquick Savingstar eq (69¢ Fry’s)

2 Betty Crocker frostings – .75/2 Betty Crocker + .75/2 Betty Crocker Savingstar eq (44¢ ea Fry’s)

3 (40 ct) bags Totinos pizza rolls – .35/1 Totinos (la voz) + .75/3 Totinos Savingstar eq (74¢ ea Fry’s)

1 dozen large fry’s eggs – Free eggs coupon (fry’s mailer)

2 jars Skippy Natural pb – .35/1 Skippy natural pb ($1.15 ea Fry’s)

2 (2 ct) packs GUM toothbrushes – .55/1 GUM product (Free Fry’s)

1 (10 oz) bottle Ultra Palmolive – .25/1 Ultra Palmolive (Free Fry’s)

2 boxes Annie’s organic mac n cheese – .50/1 Annies product peelie (Free Fry’s + Free lunch sack)

1 loaf Nature’s own bread – no q, $2 Fry’s

Cutex nail polish remover – .50/1 Cutex IP (79¢ Fry’s)

9 packs Poise liners – Free Poise peelies attached (Fry’s)

Star Wars pods toy – no q, clearance 10¢ Fry’s

$1.50/$7.50 Frozen food purchase coupon – Fry’s mailer

Tomorrow I’ll be posting my Fry’s finds of the week 🙂

Goodnight Everyone!!

*HOT* SAFEWAY BUY 4 SAVE $4 SALE (8/8 – 8/14): Cereal as low as 25¢

6 Aug

WOW Safeway is going to have a killer BUY 4, save $4 sale this upcoming week!!


  • Betty Crocker fruit snacks (4.5 – 8 oz) 99¢ ea wyb 4 (mix & match) Pictured are – Fruit roll ups, Sunkist, Scooby Doo
  • General Mills Cheerios (8.9 oz), Cinnamon toast crunch 12.2 oz, Rice Chex 12.8 oz, Lucky Charms treat bars 6 ct $1.49 ea wyb 4 (mix and match)
  • Quaker Life 13 oz, Cap’n Crunch 14 oz or General Mills Fiber one chewy Bars 4.1 – 7 oz $1.99 ea wyb 4 (mix & match)

Here’s a few scenarios you can do to get the most product for your buck!!


Purchase (1) Rice Chex cereal $1.49

(1) Cinnamon Toast Crunch $1.49

(2) Oceanspray fruit snacks 99¢


Use (1) .60/1 Cinnamon toast crunch herehere or here

(1) .50/1 Chex cereal (7/15 SS)

(2) Oceanspray fruit snacks coupons 7/8 SS

 ONLY 98¢ for 4 items or 25¢ each!!

Scenario #2

Purchase (2) Fruit rollups

(2) Mott’s fruit snacks

Use .50/2 Fruit rollups  6/24 SS or here

-Use (1) .60/1 mott’s fruit snacks coupon here

Pay ONLY $0.98 for 4 items or 25¢ each!!

What an awesome deal!!!

Please keep in mind that Savingstar e-coupons are ONE TIME us only

The scenarios above are just examples of the deals you can do

I’m sure you’ll come up with a bunch more scenarios 🙂


1 Aug

Wow! There are a ton of new coupons today with it being the 1st of the month

I just got done looking at my Savingstar and Upromise account

It looks like they added a few coupons on Savingstar including a 50¢ cinnamon toast crunch coupon!

There’s also a new .50/1 cinnamon toast crunch coupon on coupons.com


Cinnamon toast crunch will be on sale this week (8/3 – 8/6 only) at Safeway for $1.99


Head here to add 50¢ CTC e-coupon to your Savingstar account

Purchase 1 box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch $1.99

Use $0.50/1 cinnamon toast coupon here

Pay 99¢


Get 50¢ into your Savingstar account

ONLY 49¢

Please keep in mind that Savingstar e-coupons are one time use only


23 Jul

Fiber one chewy bars (5 ct box) will be $1.99 w/in ad coupon starting 7/25 -7/31 @ Safeway

Use any one of these coupons below to get it for 99¢ (Safeway in AZ takes the coupon up to $1)

.50/1 fiber one chewy bars 7/15 SS

.50/1 Fiber one chewy bars here

.60/1 fiber one chewy bars here


Add this .40/1 fiber one chewy bars, fiber one 90 cal chewy bars Savingstar e-coupon here

and get 40¢ into your Savingstar account w/in 2 -30 days

Makes it ONLY 59¢

Please keep in mind that Savingstar coupons are one time use only which means you will only get 40¢ into your Savingstar account for the first box you purchase

If you purchase additional boxes, they will be 99¢ each with the above coupons



12 Jul

Yesterday I posted here that 48 oz POM Wonderful Juice was $5.49 *closeout*

Only $1.49 after IP coupon and $2 savingstar coupon

Well it looks like there’s also a $2/1 POM coupon (exp 7/31) on Upromise

Load that to your Upromise account and get $2 into your college savings as well!!!

51¢ Money Maker!!

I Also posted today here that my CVS store had GUM Perioshield rinse for $2.62 and better than FREE with $5/1 Gum perioshield coupon (cvs will however adjust coupon down)

There is also a $3/1 GUM PerioShield e-coupon (exp 7/25) on Upromise

Load it onto your account and get $3 into your college savings

$3 Money Maker!!!


11 Jul

The big 48 oz bottle of Pom Wonderful juice was $5.49 *closeout* @ my Fry’s today

I was about to take a pic when a couple walked up behind me

Print the $2/1 Pom (48 oz size) IP here on their website

Then add the $2/1 Pom Wonderful 48 oz SavingStar eCoupon here

Pay ONLY $1.49 for the large 48 oz bottle of Pom juice

Regular Price is $9.99!!!

If you’re heading there to do your mega, you might want to check if it’s that price for you as well 🙂

Please keep in mind that SavingStar ecoupons don’t come off at the register

The money is added to your account w/in 2 – 30 days

Head here to read more about how SavingStar works