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CVS Beauty Club coupons $2 off TRESemme & Maybelline Cosmetics

9 Jul

New CVS coupons for Beauty Club members

Login to your CVS account or check your inbox/spam folder for these exclusive coupons:

$2 TRESemme & $2 Maybelline cosmetics

Beauty Club members receive these exclusive benefits:

  • 10% off beauty shopping pass upon enrollment
  • $5 ECB for every $50 spent on beauty purchases (before manufacturer coupons)
  • $3 ECB on your birthday
  • Emails with coupons, tips and new product info
  • FREE to join


Click here to enroll

I noticed that some TRESemme products were on clearance at my local CVS


Maybelline products are Buy one Get one 50% off this week (in the cvs ad)

Could make for some really inexpensive shampoo & makeup!!!


5 Oct


HA! It’s Produce Wednesday but I didn’t buy any produce lol

I got tons last week so this week I went to Wally’s to price match Health & Beauty items

Albies’ ad this week is awesome if you need H & B items

I was down to my last bottle of shampoo…YIKES!! Don’t know how that happened


TOTAL: $4.56 OOP




  • (10) nivea lip care – $3/2 nivea (do note that the q states 1 per trip, but you can ask to split transactions. I fortunately got a great cashier @ wally’s that preferred I not do multiple trans since as she put it, “it actually takes more time doing multiple transactions”, so I was able to use my 5 q’s in one transaction and used the overage toward the rest of my items) But YMMV with this q 😦
  • (8) pantene – $3/2 pantene
  • (4) always – $1/1 always
  • (4) tampax – $1/1 tampax
  • (4) old spice deos – $1/1 old spice
  • (4) clairol balsam hair dye – $2/1 clairol (these I couldn’t find @ wally’s so I got them @ food city which is right next door and they adjusted the q’s down to $1.99)


It was a really great trip to Wally’s 🙂 Especially since I got a really nice cashier that uses coupons herself…



2 Oct

Early this morning, Hubby got up & headed to the dollar store to get my Sunday newspapers!

When he got back he was all excited, “Guess what? All the papers I got had the 5 inserts you wanted!”


I wasn’t hopeful that the Playskool insert would be in the paper & sure enough it wasn’t so I wasn’t disappointed since I had already forewarned hubby that it probably wouldn’t be in there 🙂

So I got to clipping the $8/2 covergirl q’s & the suave BOGOs and put together my q’s for a fry’s/TJ trip

However I wasn’t really in the mood for getting ready & going shopping…tons of laundry to do!

So I asked hubby if he wouldn’t mind doing the trip for me if I wrote a list out of what q’s to use & items to buy…His answer: NO WAY!

So I sweetened the deal: 30 min massage tonight before bed??…BINGO!!

He happily agreed and even took our girls with him!!

1 and a half hours & 5 phone calls later haha, he gets home with all the items pictured and only paid

$4.46 OOP!!

He did very well!! Even if he did call me every 20 mins hahaha


(4) suave for kids shampoos – (2) .50/1 (recyclebank) & (2) BOGO

(2) clorox2 pens – (2) $1.50 clorox2 (printable)

(1) 30 ct Hefty trash bags – $1/1 any hefty (peelie)

(1) transformers action figure – $5/1 transformers (mq) + $5/1 transformers target mobile q

(2) carmex – (2) .30/1 carmex

(4) covergirl blush – (2) $8/2 covergirl face product

(4) covergirl sponges – (2) $8/2 covergirl face product

(1) whisker lickins – $1/1 target q

(1) loaf fry’s bread

(2) doz fry’s large eggs – no q, used overage

(1) 3 lb chub 85/15 ground beef – no q, used overage

$5/$35 fry’s purchase e-coupon

Target gift card ($2.98 balance on it) free from Denizen on FB

Hubby’s on a roll today!! He did great so I may give him an hour massage instead LOL