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Target Trip Revlon Deal + More…

25 Jun

Before heading out to Target today to purchase a few boxes of chocolate pudding for one of our Summer activities:

I stopped by to get my mail and I was so happy to see that the Target beauty bag had arrived

Inside was a little booklet full of Target coupons for beauty items…my favorite was the $3/1 revlon item coupon

I tore it out and headed on out to Target

I was excited to find that Revlon nail polish was $4.54…Yeah I know, WHAT?!?!?

That’s super pricey!!! (well to me it is hehe)

But when you combine the $3/1  revlon target q from the beauty bag booklet with the $1/1 revlon nail product mq from this past Sunday’s Smart Source insert…

ONLY 54¢ for nail polish!!!

That’s 88% off the original price 🙂

Another awesome deal was the Pantene shampoo/conditioner

ONLY 84¢ ea after the $1/1 pantene target q (6/24 SS) + $3/2 pantene mq (6/24 SS)


if you’re not a Walmart shopper, heinz vinegar is also $1 @ Target

which means FREE with the $1/1 heinz vinegar q (6/24 SS)

TOTAL OOP: $6.75



(4) boxes jell-o pudding (.99 ea) – B3G1 FREE target IP

Revlon nail polish ($4.54) – $3/1 revlon target q + $1/1 revlon nail mq

N.Y.C nail polish (.94) – .50/1 n.y.c target IP

(2) pantene ($3.34 ea) – $3/2 pantene mq + (2) $1/1 pantene target q

(3) bottles heinz vinegar ($1 ea) – $1/1 heinz vinegar


Can’t wait for Wednesday’s trip…A fry’s Mega!