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Flower Pop Up Card

28 Jul

My kiddo doesn’t go back to school for another week so of course that means another week of me hearing, “Mom I’m soooo bored!”

Last week we made some crayon peanut butter cups and cupcakes, HERE

She really enjoyed that so I started looking online for some other fun activities we could do that she might enjoy doing. I was really happy when I found this online

It took us a couple of tries to get it right but after a few misses, this was our end result

As you can see, we changed the design & color a bit. My daughter had a blast making them and is super excited to give these to her cousins who will be celebrating their birthdays in the next two weeks 🙂


23 Jul

As you might already know from previous posts, my 10 year old kiddo can’t wait to go back to school. Just yesterday she was telling me how bored she was and that there was nothing to do…HA! I’m sure a couple of household chores can change that, LOL

But of course it can get boring at home after 2 months and it’s not always easy for parents to come up with new and exciting things for the kiddos to do each and every day!

Yesterday while I was looking at all the cute handmade items on etsy.com, I came across these really cute cupcake crayons made of melted down old crayons. Now that’s really cool! My daughter has a ton of broken crayons that she no longer uses.

So the next day I helped my daughter make some of these cupcake crayons and let me tell you, they were super easy to make!

First we grabbed all the broken crayons she had and peeled off the wrappers. Then we broke the bigger pieces into smaller pieces and separated them by color (or you could make rainbow cupcakes).

Next we grabbed a muffin/cupcake pan and some cupcake liners, placed the liners in the pan and then filled each liner with crayons (about half full).

I set the oven to 300° and placed the pan inside for 8 min (or until melted). I then took them out and allowed them to cool down. Once cool, my daughter removed them from the liners and had a blast coloring with her new cupcake crayons!

We made one that was made of all brown crayons and it came out resembling a yummy reese’s peanut butter cup! It got me thinking that it would make a really cute gift wrapped in cellophane with a tag around it stating, “Peanut Butter Cup Crayon”. It would also make a great goody bag toy in a candy themed birthday party (HINT HINT to what I’m doing for my girls’ b-day next year lol)

Disclaimer: Only adults should do the baking and handling of the hot contents. I am NOT responsible for injury, illness or death as a result of preparing this recipe…Sorry, but I have to throw this in here since now a days everything seems to need a disclaimer.