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3 Aug

With summer in full swing and the kiddos home from school there’s nothing more common than planning a family vacation. However, times are tough and everyone’s looking to save a few bucks when traveling.

So my question is, why not try a staycation?

You might be asking yourself, “What the heck is a staycation?”

Well a staycation is nothing more than a vacation spent at home or doing activities in your own home town instead of traveling out of town i.e. going to the zoo, movie night, waterpark

A few weeks ago I was speaking to my sister about the fact that my eldest daughter really wanted to go swimming but the pool @ our place had been emptied out and I’m not a fan of public pools…childhood memories of um, “unsanitary” pool habits from other people play in my mind when I think of public pools.

I mentioned to my sis that money was a bit tight so a trip to the beach would have to wait but I really wanted to do something fun with the girls. Well she had a brilliant suggestion!

Why not book a hotel in town and take the girls swimming there?

At first I thought it was a bit silly…but then I got to thinking, why not?!

So I did!


I’m so glad I did!

I booked a hotel online through hotels.com & paid ~$40 for an overnight stay. I booked through shopathome so I could receive a % cash back and the one night stay counted towards my free night stay reward offered through hotels.com

The hotel was only 5 miles away from home. When we arrived I was pleasantly surprised by the amenities…pool, jacuzzi, free full breakfast (not just a continental) and the rooms were great! Not to mention all the tourism brochures by the elevators…they were full of coupons for local attractions like the zoo, museums, waterparks…LOVE coupons!

As soon as we got there the girls put on their swimsuits and we headed to the pool. They had a blast. After 2 hours of swimming, we went back to the room and got dressed to get a bite to eat. We got some burgers & fries from down the street and took it back to our hotel room. We put on a movie and ate in the room. The girls really enjoyed it. The next morning, they got up really early and headed out to the lobby for free breakfast. They were serving sausage, eggs, waffles, pancakes, cereal, oatmeal…you name it, they had it!

Our check out time wasn’t until noon so we got to take our time and relax a bit. After we checked out we headed to the local park to let the girls play at the playground and feed the ducks.

Then we headed back home…only a mile away lol

We really enjoyed our little staycation and the best part was that we didn’t spend a ton of money and we weren’t all exhausted from a long drive back home 🙂

So, if you’re looking for an inexpensive mini weekend getaway, I highly suggest taking a staycation!