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15 Feb

Did a 3 stop shop today…fry’s, walmart and safeway

Didn’t buy much produce. Mostly because the produce section @ wally’s had been cleaned out before noon!!

TOTAL OOP: $17.46 & got a $2 ONYO

I’m heading out right now for a late lunch but I’ll be back in the evening to write out the list of items purchased & q’s used 🙂

Items Purchased & Q’s Used

3 bell peppers – no q pm food city 6/99¢

3 lb grapes – no q pm albies 77¢/lb

5 avacados – no q pm food city 5/99¢

2 gallons shamrock milk – .25 shamrock peelie

1 loaf ww bread – no q

(4) 12 pks coke – free coke q’s from mycokerewards.com

1 box wheat thins – no q (free w/b2g2 coke deal)

4 colgate toothpastes – .40/1 colgate

4 colgate toothbrushes – .40/1 colgate toothbrush

3 pks mentos gum – .55/1 mentos

6 breathe right trial pks – $1.50/1 breathe right (.50 overage on ea)

4 bags vday m&ms – $1.50/2 m&ms

3 boxes totinos pizza rolls – .35/1 totinos

1 box totinos party pizza – free fry’s e-coupon (daytona game)

1 country crock butter (15 oz not part of daytona) – free fry’s e-coupon (daytona game)

1 bag kroger multigrain chips – .40/1 kroger chips cat

3 secret deos – $1/1 secret

Welch’s strawberry spread – .55/1 welch’s jam, jelly, spread

2 sugar free vanilla coffeemate creamers – free coffeemate q (coffeemate brew crew)

1 O organic tea – $1/1 O organic

1 xtra pine floor cleaner – .25/1 xtra pine printable

(4) 4 pks activia yogurt – $1/1 activia

$1/1 floral fry’s ecoupon also came off @ fry’s even though I didn’t purchased anything from the floral dept…very strange

2 things I wanted to mention:

#1. I knew before doing the activia “deal” that the $2 onyo that’s been reported would NOT print because my sis tried it a week or 2 ago & it did not print for her nor did it print for me when I purchased 2 last week


I purchased them anyway because it got me to the 10 items I needed to get the $2 onyo


If you’re expecting it to print, DON’T…it’s not printing & i’m not sure it’s even a valid ongoing catalina deal since it’s not on the couponnetwork site which usually lists all the valid ongoing cats

#2: The B2G2 soda deal is buy 2 @ $6.49 (yikes!) and get 2 free + a box of nabisco crackers free

Please keep in mind that the max value on the coke coupon is $4.99 so you end up paying $3 for (4) 12 pks + box of crackers

NOT bad but I held on to the other 2 free q’s I had in hopes of a better deal in the near future

Oh and be prepared for some hassle with these coke q’s @ safeway

The validity of my q’s was questioned by the cashier

The manager had to step in, take them to his office and confirm (don’t know what/how he did this @ his office) that they were not on the “fraudulent” list (rolls eyes)

I guess the CIC holographic sticker & attachment weren’t sufficient proof…

Totally expected this from Safeway though

Luckily the whole spiel took less than 2 min to confirm that it was valid…just like I had told them!!